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한국 쇼핑 쇼핑 쇼핑! Shopping in Korea! Let’s Go! (2nd Story)

여러분 안녕하세요!! Hello everybody!! Shout with Me: EXAMS ARE OVER!!! YAY *throw confetti!!!* Haha as you can see; this post will mainly be on Shopping Shopping &… more shopping!! So before I start on day two, there is a few … Continue reading

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불고기…김치…비빔밥! Bulgogi…Kimchi…Bibimbap! (1st Story)

ㅋㅋㅋHello!!! It has been almost a week since the last post. *Weeeeee…* Haha!!! I am feeling so happy today!!! I am down to my 2nd last paper and i can feel the air or liberation drawing near!u!! Tonight’s Hyun Joong’s … Continue reading

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First Post. 안녕^^ & 김현중 팬 미팅2012

안녕하새요! It has been awhile since i closed my previous blog. Haha I have decided to start afresh here! Recently I have the sudden urge to write; to put thoughts and feelings down in words. Where did this motivation come … Continue reading

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