First Post. 안녕^^ & 김현중 팬 미팅2012

안녕하새요! It has been awhile since i closed my previous blog. Haha I have decided to start afresh here! Recently I have the sudden urge to write; to put thoughts and feelings down in words. Where did this motivation come from? I believe it is HIM, 김현중! I would like so much to write a personal fan account out about that unforgettable Friday evening. Of course, the month of May spells war time for me; with on going exams since I am down to my last year. Yet, May started out awesome, with Kim Hyun Joong’s 2012 Asia Fan Meeting at the Indoor Stadium on 4th May.

It has been two years since i last seen him so close. Last year during the 2011’s The FaceShop Fan Meet, I could not attend it as I went Korea. Yes, I know right, haha. He came here and I went Korea. Haha but I really could not change my air tickets when the date of his fan meet was released. Thankfully, i went for MAMA2011 and managed to witness his “Lucky Guy” stage with Suzy & him receiving the best Male Solo Artist award. So, can you sense my excitement when i hear that he is coming to Singapore for an Asia Fan Meet and Singapore will be his first stop? Weeeee!!! ㅋㅋㅋ^^ So, without further ado, i shall start!^^

Firstly, I would like to thank a special someone^^ for helping me with the tickets. Without you, I don’t think i will be able to see him so up close. 谢谢你 언니 고마워요!! Haha. Thanks to HJ’s Fan Meet, I managed to meet up with a lot of dear friends whom i got to know since 2010 like Marilyn, Shuhui, Rebecca, Zi Qi, Destrina, Fion, Mindi, Meichuan, Paige, Michelle, Miss June Tan, Maggie etc etc많이많이 too many to mention. Haha Met new friends like Karen too^^ Serene even specially flew down from Brunei, away from her sunshine to see this. Not forgetting, dearest Joyelle who never fails to attend crazy fan meetings with me. We got very close thanks to Hyun Joong; and I am thankful for that. 

This year, I volunteered to help LoveKHJ with the distribution of the special gift the 7 international fan clubs like all over the world collaborated to give out. I love it! Thank you^^ Didn’t help much though, but i was thankful to get to know another group of lovely ladies and did I mention how blur I was. I was so excited, i wear my dress inside out! Haha and now I shall fast forward… to 8pm. 

Haha YAY, i finally stepped my foot into Singapore Indoor Stadium!!! *Breathe! The air inside Indoor Stadium and around Singapore is very expensive!* Haha! I couldn’t hide my excitement and started jumping around. Haha! I was seated at Row 6 Seat 1^^; so close to the stage! *Heart continues beating* Haha! Finally; the time is here. Lights out, *squeals!* and it started off with a music video of the “God of Universe” landing in Singapore haha! Hyun Joong started off with his dance songs “Let Me Go” & “Breakdown” ( Photo credits: Ahlia ) that immediately resulted in screams and cheers from the floor; with loud fan chants heard “Break it down down down!” I was overwhelmed. This is the first time, other than MAMA to hear him live, see him dance, so close. I can die with happiness already!! ㅋㅋㅋ!!


Following that was “제발 Please”, my all time favourite song!! Haha. 제발 날 떠나가지 마~ Haha. I can loop this song over and over again, with his voice ringing inside my head and to hear him live? It was just beyond awesome!! I was concentrating on his every note; touched by how much his vocals has improved over the years; and yes, he sang with his most beautiful voice^^. 

Finally, after 제발, he introduced himself “HELLO SINGAPORE!! HELLO SINGAPORE!! I’m Kim Hyun Joong hehe” Hahaha omg, how cute can he be? Haha! He said that in his cute English that made us all laughed at his shyness. He was so embarrassed speaking in English, but that just makes him cuter! Haha. He was thankful for fans being there for him; for loving him…. *awww*… and he went on to sing “고맙다 Thank You”. I was moved to tears…너무 감동이에요…He sang from his heart; and i felt it his love, his sincerity, his thank you… 


The next part is my favourite part! Hyun Joong translated a line of his song “행복이란 Happiness is…” into English, and he cutely taught us to sing. Haha “Happiness without you baby, I can’t even imagine it” It was really funny due to communication breakdown~ Haha! His facial expression was priceless. Haha, to relieve that moment, please watch the fan cams, or attend his 6 other Asia fan meets in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guang Zhou, Cheng Du, Bei Jing & Shanghai!! It is all worth it^^. So being clever fans, we got what he wanted in no time, and we sang together with him! It was a moment to be remembered. It was so heart warming, i guess everyone present there can feel the heat of the Indoor Stadium.

He then showed a video of the things he would do for his future girlfriend/bear. It was so funny with him pretending that the white gigantic teddy as his girlfriend. I laughed so hard, i can just literally roll on the floor in tears. Haha!! I especially love the titanic “You Jump I Jump” part with the fan blowing in his face. How cute can he get! Haha! His every smile and action just makes my heart smile! and… The lucky, really lucky fan got the teddy and “Kiss Kiss” ( the song haha! ) dedicated to her. She also can die of happiness already. Haha!

“나는 네 남자야 I’m your man” 현중아 나는 네 여자야! Haha! He sang this song with so much emotions. I was drowned in his voice. Tears welled up as he sang every single note out… Then, we lucky fans are the first to hear his him perform “Smile” first time live on stage! The choreography was very nice, very hyun joong kiss kiss style~! haha lively and simple, cute. The next song brought me back to the past where i fell in love with Jihoo Sunbae~ that is “내 머리가 나빠서 Because I’m Stupid”. Ahhhh~ *heart was almost melting* with the scene of Hyun Joong playing the violin with Jandi replayed. Haha, I was so happy to have 내 머리가 나빠서 in his song list. I cannot tell you how happy i am till now. I am still suffering from serious withdrawal syndrome! I want to rewatch all his dramas! Haha!


Going on, was some fan games. Haha i always am not lucky in getting chosen in such things. *shows a big sad face* Haha and him singing “Marry Me” on stage. That girl can also die without regrets already! Haha! and sadly, the concert was coming to an end with “Did You Like That” & “Lucky Guy (Remix)” with Hyun Joong Dancing in Hot Red! And did I mention, during Lucky Guy, U:Zoosin money was shooting out all over, and fans on the floor started to 到处拾钱 (pick money) We forgot for a moment he was on stage! I admit I was one of them trying to get a piece of that precious, priceless note haha! And Ziqi said, he was laughing at our reaction on stage. Haha (*can use this tactic to run away from fans* just throw U:Zoosin notes and RUN!!!) haha!!!


Concert ended off with his last song “그대도 나와 같다면 If You’re Like Me…” I was brought to tears… as i can hear his goodbyes in this song. 好多好多的舍不得… 真的. “If you feel the same, If you feel the same now” I love this song so much…actually I love every song haha! and it was encore time!! Hyun Joong sang “One More Time” and ended off with “Lucky Guy” on stage, bring Indoor Stadium to its maximum heat!! It was boiling!! Hahaha!! He was so high on stage “SHAKE IT SHAKE IT SHAKE SHAKE IT SHAKE IT SHAKE IT!!” jumping around full of aggression and we of course, started to run forward and jump with him!! It was so unforgettable!! Hyun Joong started spraying his 神水 down!! ( Nah, I am joking haha!! He just threw water down from the bottle of mineral water!! ) and I got my share of 神水!! haha!! and it was really the end of the fan meet or rather a beyond awesome mini concert. 

Felt really sorry and tired for the poor him who came out after a short while to do the High Five for every single fan. Yes every single one; he must be so super tired. Yet, he still maintained a smile throughout the entire hour. See that smile?:D HAHA, how can you not love him, you tell me? HAHA. Finally it was my turn. I told Joyelle to go up first “Set the pace okay, slowly slowly haha!!” I turned to Shu Hui and said “Shu hui slowly walk k” Hahaha!! I managed to hand him the purple rose ( Thank you Serene! ) and also to High Five with him! He said “Thank You” and gave me the his widest smile!!^^ I was so happy I started jumping around again!! Haha!! But sadly, it was goodbye, and I really am not someone who likes goodbye. I shall post later about the remaining awesome evening i spent with some dear ones^^.


“I am a star, your star. If we remember each other, I will be in your heart forever”

You always are my star. Thank you Kim Hyun Joong, for making me laugh so much, cry so much, smile so much in one evening. Thank you for accompanying me through those happy and sad times, with your songs, your dramas. Thank you for bringing so many dear ones into my life… Having you in my life is a gift:’) and i am thankful. 현중아, 고마워요. 진심이에요. 나는 너무 너무 감동이에요. 사랑해! 

Allie 앨리 


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4 Responses to First Post. 안녕^^ & 김현중 팬 미팅2012

  1. paigeyin says:

    girl ah! I love your FA! ♥♥♥ It made me laughed so hard. haha!
    Thank you for sharing, it let me relive that moment adding another happy fan’s experience to it. XD Thank you! XD
    PS: You need you blog more, I love the way you write. hehehe

  2. Allie 앨리 says:

    Haha!! Thank you Paige^^ haha I haven’t written for the longest time already!! Haha got so funny meh? Lol!! Glad it made you laugh haha!! I will try to blog more!!

  3. Ing says:

    Sooory,I was so late to read your FA…so enjoy to read this.haa… How happy you can ‘reach’ HIM. I am happy also when I read this
    I laugh when I noticed how tricky you are in high five session. Ha ha ha love it! Happy to hear how fun you all with HIM.Thank you for sharing . God bless

    • Allie 앨리 says:

      Hello Ing^^ haha Have I met you before? Haha!! Thank you for your kind comments and I hope you enjoyed reading my FA:) hahaha!! Oh yes, we really tried to walk slightly slower haha!! To capture as much precious moment with HIM haha!!

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