The 4th Pomelo: 1st Story

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Pomelo Tree

Pomelo Tree is here to bring you our 4th Collection: The 1st Story! Later, we will be bringing you to one step closer to New York as we stepped into the world of Dean and Deluca; a newly opened Cafe at Orchard Central Singapore! Going on to our latest collection! If interested, do leave a comment and Pomelo Farmers will reply you in no time!

1: The Petal Foilage

With three different colours of Spring, the petal foilage is a rubber band that is newly brought in from South Korea. The quality of these rubber bands are very durable and the colours are so bright and happy, they will make you feel loved every moment!

2: Tranquility

Tranquility comes in pink and cyan. Like beautiful blossoms in the spring, this hair clip is one of the most fashionable statement today. Bringing out the elegance and beauty in you.

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