StarHub’s Annual TVB Awards Ceremony 2012 Part 1

Hello world! It has been awhile since the last post! I am here to tell you all about the most wonderful wonderful Saturday evening I have had! 18 August 2012 was StarHub’s Annual TVB Awards Ceremony and this year, I am so honored to be there! I can’t hide my excitement! Weeeee! I have been a TVB dramas lover since young and this is the First time, and i must emphasize haha FIRST TIME; I am going to see my Hong Kong artists in person! *dies of happiness* haha! Before I go on~ I would like to say a few THANK YOUs!

Thank you StarHub & Nikon for choosing me to be the Star Blogger for this special event. Not only am I given a pair of tickets for the awards ceremony, I am also permitted to go for the green carpet & the post event party! So, thank you Starhub! ^^;;;; so so much! I would also like to say a special to Nikon for giving me the complimentary Nikon Coolpix S1200pj!

It is a really classy black digital camera that comes with a very advanced projector function! I especially love the continuous shots function^^;; so credits to Nikon Coolpix for all the photos and 谢谢StarHub! 谢谢Nikon! 

Sooooo, without further ado, let’s go!!! As I was really excited I arrived at Marina Bay Sands at 4pm to collect my tickets^^;; Ta Da!!

After an hour of impatience waiting, I quickly proceeded to the Green Carpet area; ready to see my handsomes & pretties!! So… who are the special guests for the day? We have 胡杏兒, 李詩韻, 鍾嘉欣, 楊怡, 陳法拉, 徐子珊, 陳豪, 馬國明, 鄭嘉穎,  黎耀祥, 陳錦鴻, 陳展鵬, 胡楓, 草蜢, 黃黃德斌德斌 and of course, the MCs for the day are 陳芷菁 and 金剛! Haha so omg right! Haha^^;; Many of my favourites like 鄭嘉穎, 馬國明, 楊怡!!! I am jumping with excitement already!! This is seriously the first time I am going to see them LIVE in PERSON!! Seriously, Hong Kong artists’ 魅力 really 無法擋!! The Green Carpet area was flooded with Fans!! I was really lucky to catch a good spot^^!! There, you see many Myolie Fans!!

And, yay!! Some snapshots of the Green Carpet!! We have Selena Li & Ruco Chan!! So pretty and handsome right!! Gosh!! Haha After watching 缺宅男女 & 真相, this pair really grows on me^^;;

Of course, my favourite couple & my favourite two artists!! Tavia Yeung & Kenneth Ma!! My heart nearly stopped seeing them walk down the green carpet. 楊怡真的美如天仙!! Haha. Her blue evening gown was really gorgeous!! Kenneth Ma’s 招牌笑容 really left me mesmerized haha!!

Linda Chung’s smile never left her face^^ so sweet & beautiful. Moses Chen was as charming as ever!! I couldn’t take my eyes off them!!

And and and last but definitely not least, my very very favourite 男主角 Kevin Cheng!!!!!!!!!! Haha *Prances around!!* He walked out with his most charming smile together beautiful Myolie Wu & Hu Feng!!!

Haha, how can they all of them be so prince and princess like?? Haha I felt like I was dreaming as I see everyone of them walked past me. Haha!! So it seems like time passes by extremely fast all of a sudden and the Awards Ceremony was going to begin in no time!! I went to take my seat as I watched the ceremony in pure excitement!!

The performances and awards for the evening was simply awesomely awesome!! I have to credit 陳芷菁 and 金剛 for being such wonderful and funny hosts that left the floor laughing with their pure chemistry and sense of humor!! They really brought the atmosphere up to the peak!! Of course, I was WOWed by the artists thank you speeches!! Their chinese & english were so fluent and 動聽 haha!! So much so that I won’t mind if the ceremony was being extended for another 3 hours!!

Getting to hear them sing live on stage was a plus point. I really enjoyed 黎耀祥 and 蔡艾珈’s duet. Their voices were superb and singing the songs from the past dramas really brought back the nostalgic feel. Of course I definitely enjoyed 陳豪 and 黃德斌 singing 天與地’s 片尾曲!! Haha. I even started singing and waving along!! “如果命運能選擇~~” Haha, I was just drowned in their voices. Scenes of the drama came floating back.

寶刀未老的胡楓 also gave us his special stage! He danced and sang with his charms! I really wish I can still do that when I am 80 haha! I watched him from young^^;; so I really admire his energy!! Of course, famous 草蜢 performed their new song and brought us back to the 80s!! Too little performances?鍾嘉欣 and 陳法拉 also sang with their beautiful vocals. Listening to all the performances live was simply unbelievable since I usually only get to see them on TV.

If you miss the event and would like to know the winners of this year’s awards ceremony, do go Starhub will also be playing the repeat of this event so remember to catch it! Sooo is this the end? Of course not! This is only the end of the awards ceremony. I shall continue with part 2 in a later post with the post event party!! So that’s all folks^^;;


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