Hello Baby Charley


It has been awhile and I am here to say my Hello! and to introduce a new upcoming addition to our Hados Family(: Our baby Charley. It will no longer be two but three of us and I can’t wait to begin this little journey with both of you. Pregnancy definitely was not easy especially the first trimester but I believe it is all worth it.


Yes Baby Charley is a little girl! Papa and Mama are excited to meet you!


In time to come, I hope we will love, and only love more with our little one. Marrying you is a bliss and I can’t believe how far we have come.

I am not really prepared to be a mother in honest fact. I am afraid I can’t love enough, I am afraid i don’t have so much love to go around and there are many things I don’t know how. But for you, for your papa, I will learn slowly. Step by step, we will grow together.


Say hello to little blue bun bun that papa bought for her little girl. He just added a bigger blue bun bun to her collection of “chou chou”!


Papa J acting all natural as a model as usual hahaha doing his natural moves. This is what he does everyday. Hoping to listen to your heartbeat, hoping to feel you kick his face real hard, hoping to see you really soon!


Thanks to Joyce who photoshopped all the stretch marks away, I actually look pretty in this photo. You are mama’s little watermelon and even with the constant pain and backache, you will always be mama’s little baby.


Baby Charley, when you see this when you grow up to become a fine young lady, always remember that papa and mama will always love you.


You are here because of love, and only with love you will grow up happy and we want you to always love and be loved.


About Allie

Like a green star in the sky. Sometimes the smallest things takes up the biggest room in your heart.
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