Baby Yoga with 背多分!

Baby Yoga with my 背多分!”我的背影有没有很迷人?” roll ourselves out of bed early today to join Daphne and Baby Denise for our first Baby Yoga Session!

As you can see from her facial expression, it certainly wasn’t easy. Little Miss Charley was a cranky little baby this morning. The movements involved are a little foreign to her like going upside down. These added on to her crankiness. But, it was fun! I will want to do it again with her. It was more an abs session for the mummies also to lift them right to left, in and out. 

She must turn behind to make sure I am sitting behind her. I still thought she had potential for doing Gymnast ok. HAHA, I shall give it another try the next time! 

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Charlotte’s First CNY

Hello everyone! 恭喜恭喜新年快! Charlotte baby is here to report and document her first Chinese New Year spent on planet Earth! My ah Gong says yellow is my lucky colour this year so my mama bought this yellow strange fruit called “Ong Lai” to me. So much effort my Mama ok. I am in a cute colourful “Ong Lai” dress. I think I look pretty good. Upcoming photos spam ok. 

New Year calls for a family photo with my favourite Papa & Mama. Their lucky colours are “Green” & “Black” but they say matchy matchy with me is more important. Come, I give them 5 stars. 

First stop this year is to my 豆豆‘s house! I think I am getting to know them better. They are very very nice to me. 

I love the way ah and 公豆 look at us. Melts my heart ok. I really love them a lot even though 公豆 keeps singing The same song to me.

Ok! I am going for a short break! Will continue this post later!

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Charlotte, 6 Months Old.


Hello everyone, Fishybao is back on wordpress and I now have one more full time job: Charlotte’s Mother. My baby girl is now 6 months old, playful; very very playful. She has grown from mummy’s little baby to a big big girl already! So many things happened in this 6 months, I don’t know where to start. Blogging on the go on Dayre is so convenient I am a little lost back here. As you all know, I am a woman of few words. HAHA. To start off, maybe a little on my family trip to Bangkok!


Here’s a family photo of the three of us! Papa, Mama and Charlotte baby! Going on a trip with a little baby isn’t easy. They say it takes a village to raise a child. It’s very very true ok. This time, we brought along our little village of two families along with us!

IMG_8662.JPGMy papa calls Charlotte 小老闆 so we are the man slaves but we 心甘情願 because she cute. Here’s a photo of my little family! This family trip is proudly sponsored by *drumrolls* Mr & Mrs Jori Lim! I am already planning to bring them all to Disneyland next year! 


Here’s a photo of our photographer for the trip and my little girl! Another man slave of the little boss! 


And here’s a photo of my parents in law! So you see, we need 9 people to go on a family trip hahaha but I am still exhausted from this very short trip! She wants to be carried instead of getting pushed around in her stroller. My arms are so strong I think i can lift many ONE TON noodles! Haha

Charlotte Lim.jpg

I think we all love her so so much. She is so so cute ok, HAHA. Even though she is really very naughty but I think that’s what makes her adorable.


I shall end this short post with a cute photo of Mummy and Baby! 


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Playground Princess

I love going to the playground! This helicopter is gifted to me by Singapore’s Ah gong hahaha. They build it for me so I have to go down Everyday to 坐坐! I am playground 小公主!

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Making Pig Face at 6 Months!

Making pig face and squeezing my nose nose and eyes eyes together to make my face small small like mama is my new favourite expression!


Mama says I have two tiny tooths sprouting up! She says if I bite her she will bite me back🙄 my heart is like …

At 6 months old, I have found my voice! I make all sorts of sound and 🙂🙂🙂 I think I can sing soon

See how naughty I am 🙂

This is my lunch! OATS plus 🍓🍓🍓 pretty yummy so I finished them up!

Today I also wore my new dress from Siwei yiyi! Nice not? NICE?


My ah gong thinks I am very naughty but he can’t do anything about it hahaha☃️

Charlotte shall take a little break! Mummy takes over! Chinese New Year is coming! I need clothes but mum’s life is no life ok hahaha. Sometimes I just want to hide in the corner n roll n be unproductive 😂 but I don’t think it is possible.
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Charlotte’s Water Playground!

Sunday is my happy day! My mama got ah yi to buy these back for me! WATER THEME PARK!


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Happy Fish Swim School!



“Charlotte baby has a tooth grown out! Omggggggggggg, can I go buy toothbrush already?”

Commercial break over! Charlotte takes over🙂🙂🙂 I am Looking extremely happy and excited for my first swim in my watermelon suit!

I think I did pretty well for my first trial! Teacher Jill and papa mama started clapping hands for me! CLAP CLAP!

My mama is pretty great sometimes. She brings me to some playground to crawl. I secretly think she wants to play herself🙂🙂🙂

We went with Denise and Denise mama! They very nice ok! Share their Kale with me so mama cooked me pork porridge with kale and silver fish! YUMS. Next time I ask mama go buy yummy food to share also!

While Charlotte takes a break, here’s a place to recommend: “FAT COW”!

The food is so so good ok! But it’s only Super worth cos we got the entertainer app. Because the price is also so so beautiful like a rainbow hahahaha. It’s always good to take a little break away from being a mum though separation anxiety is real

Guess whose bed is this? IT’S MY POPO’S BED! SHE IS HOME😭 I am so so happy. Finally after almost 2 months.

Time to head out soon! GOODBYE!

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