At the Beginning 

Sometimes, every little person just need to take a few steps back to capture the love and heartbeats at the very beginning. It is always the purest form of love that makes the end wonderful:). 

In the end; I wanna be at the beginning with you.

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真棒堂 My Awesome Cafe

Hello everybody! It has been awhile since I wrote here. Today Mr & going Mrs Lim (Me!) are going to bring you on a little journey through the first part of our engagement shoot at this comfortable and happy cafe. Before I begin spamming photos, let us say our heartfelt thank you to some wonderful people! A very  special thanks to NQ ModernPhotography and also the Wanderlust Production. Nikko, Ara and Kel thank you for giving us this chance to work with you! For teaching us how to pose like models and look handsome and pretty! Next up, thank you My Awesome Cafe真棒堂! Franck, thank you so much for having us in your very happy, comfortable and lovely place! We truly appreciate you and your lovely staffs! You guys are truly 一級棒the best of the best! Going on, Beancurd Tan and Tofu Chew; thank you for being our little elves for the day! You all woke up and help us like our left and right hands and we simply couldn’t ask for more. Alright Alright just two more! My favourite girl Xinya thank you for the wonderful wardrobe and 謝謝妳用‘欣’幫我寫字! Lastly, my dearest sister, Brenda thank you for drawing the world map on my face! I love you all!

Without further ado, let me begin our little journey through “My Awesome Cafe”. As you can see from the pillars from the photo above; 真棒堂 My Awesome Cafe was transformed from a traditional chinese medicinal hall. Owner Franck Hardy kept the nostalgic atmosphere on the outside but gave the cafe a modern touch on the inside.

The little rainbow bear seated amidst the beautiful deco.

The Menu.

My favourite part of My Awesome Cafe has got to be this! The lantern lights (‘: They are so beautiful; not only did they add on a touch of nostalgic feel, they add on colours to the photos of my engagement shoot!

Some details of the cafe! We looked so blissful here! Haha! Look at the arrangement of the cafe front with kettles and baskets hanging down!

Every little details in this cafe are handmade by the owners and the decorations are changed every few month to give the cafe a new look overtime a customer visits. We are really happy spending our morning in Franck’s Happy Place!

Franck, I got you a ready made model for your happy place! Haha!


“We Clap, Share, Forgive, Celebrate, Love”

 We need to have our caffeine cravings fixed for the morning so we ordered our favourite drink; the iced latte! My Awesome Cafe is not only awesome in its design and service; they serve awesome coffee and food too!

We had some sandwiches to share too!

Only by your side; I can smile like the happiest girl in the world. Always.

Cafes Hopping is what we love doing together!

For loving me unconditionally, thank you.

The cute little “公主” & “王子” signs written by my favourite Xinya! For our fairytale wedding!

You are, and will always be special to me.

Haha, this is how we stupid we can be! All the time!

We tried; very very hard to look like models. Really.

Every bit of detail matters. It does and I am thankful for this happy place.

For Home is where the Heart is; Thank you “My Awesome Cafe” for giving us a place called Home. We can’t be happier elsewhere! Thank you Franck, and everyone else that made this first part of our engagement shoot so awesome!

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Missing You.

“I’m falling in love with you… Every single day over and over again”

Dear hados papa,

I miss you. I can’t tell you how much I am missing you every day you’re miles away in South Africa. I know you’re training hard paddling away and battling with crocodiles in the deep water. Haha. It has been one week since we have been apart and everyday I am Trying to be strong and learning to be independent. 

You are so stupidly funny haha you make me laugh whenever you’re with me. Everyday I am counting down to the days left where I can dash into your strong arms again.

I love you.

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You’re so important… To me



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And we….


Will honor our promise of love this lifetime and lifetimes after. Like how the pooh bear & piglet are inseparable, we are made for each other. I love you baobao!

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Like Hunny to the Pot…


You’re my handsome boy and I love love you.
You pick me up when I fall down.
You hold me tight and make me smile.
You’re my strength when I’m weak.
And with You, my life is complete.

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Before I fell..

In love with words,
With setting skies
And singing birds;
It was You I fell
In love with first.

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