Charlotte Goes Italy!


Travelling with a baby was never easy but photos like these remind us how much we love bringing you along with us everywhere we go. It has been a long while since I last updated this space. Too many photos, too little time! We just returned home not long ago from Italy with this little one and I think we are in need of another holiday already! 


It’s true when people say it takes a village to raise a child and we can do with all the help we are given. As you can see, we brought my mum along to make our trip a little easier! When Charlotte poops,  we just give my mum a little pat and smile! 


This little one has grown so much in two weeks! Just to do a little update, she is almost 10 months old now! With more hair, 6 tiny tooths, i guess she is ready to conquer the world! 


She is our world. Parenting is hard but always, fulfilling. Italy is made more beautiful because she was with us! We had Gelato almost everyday! We go marketing so that we can cook her meals on the go! We changed her diapers everywhere and anywhere! W1e even braved through a pouring rain together ( no baby was drenched in the process )! 


When we became parents to Charlotte, we have lesser time together as two. No time to pak tor, got time also sleep first! 是真的!I think this is one of the only photo of us alone together ok so must post!


Nowadays, we only have the papa and daughter duo! Maybe I should write a little more on tips to travel with a baby. Today is more random blabbing and to say a little hello before appointment starts! 


Thank you for always being my source of comfort, my shoulder, my home. 

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DayreMamas’ Day Out!

Time flies really fast and I haven’t updated for a really Long time; just because.. lazy HAHA. Here’s a photo of the most recent gathering with my group of dayremamas and their cute babies! Everyone is awake except for my Charlotte bear lol.

Before she fell asleep, Charlotte and her favourite neighbour Denise were hanging up against Ray😂 cos she “xian” them with puffs.

Mummy, you know why I fell asleep? I worked very hard before that. Try to do my moves. See this pose? Like it? Got like swan lake?

How about a Kungfu Panda pose?cute!?

My backside got perky perky?

Here’s a group photo of our babies! Honestly it was so hard to take photos of just one baby… so when there’s five… CHAOS.

Hello Denise look at yiyi please!! Hahaha

Everybody look here!!!

HAHA, not bad lah hor? behind the scenes there were four other mummies dancing behind me trying to get their attention.

The Soy Sisters.

The bad things about babies at gym… they eat everything.

Yes everything is edible🤦🏻‍♀️

Mummy, I don’t want to eat balls already!

I really don’t want to eat already! Can you carry me now? Hahaha. Anyways, BUDS at Shangri La is really a good place to bring your little ones! BELOW ONE IS FREE OK? don’t say bojio!

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Tired; An understatement.

My back has been in a bad state since Day 1 of motherhood and it’s going downhill every single day. Haha sorry for the photo. I complained about my backache. My mum did this cupping thing for me over the weekend and man, my back is so bruised.

I haven’t been sleeping much the past week too. Work and motherhood are equivalent to sleep debts that will turn bad. My Charlotte still wakes up every 2-3 hours a night and it’s tiring. I love my Daughter; I just miss sleep too. 😂

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2018; Our Birthdays Weekend!

Spent our first birthday as three with our little party crasher! Simple, Small but full so much happiness! It’s the hubs 30th; so… I booked W Sentosa for a weekend staycation! ( 其实是我自己要住的🤣 )

I ordered a crazy chocolate cake from Sarah (/@sarahsloft) and it was so pretty! Hubs asked if it’s edible! It was really good But it was so huge, we dabao the rest home!

I love our little party crasher so much HAHA. Too cute I cannot🤣

The reason why I chose W was also because of the POOL! See my happy Baby in the pool! Thank you Daph for lending us the float!

I can swim swim swim on my own to catch my ball ball! Kick kick kick!

Here’s Baby C with her symmetrical frowning brows and her papa!

Can I go catch my ball ball already?

Photos spam continue~

Okay last warning ok? Don’t take anymore photos!

okay, last one for this post! Hehe

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Monday Buu Buu Buus!

I am singing my buu buu buus~~~ this baby is funny. She always plops her head down like this and SIGH. Life got so hard ah?

Mama you don’t know one lah!

I must look cute all the time and 爬高爬低! It’s not easy okay?

Sunday means playtime at Popo’s house! So I just play only! Soak in the tub tub with my water pump and toys, my sun bear and watch everyone entertain me~

I just look cute to reward them!

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Our Little Date Night!

The last time we had our 二人世界 was Long Long time ago in a faraway land. Tonight, the husband stole us some time out together alone. This calls for a selfie! ❤️

First Omakase dinner at Shinzo Japanese Restaurant at 17 Carpenter Street! Food is really really good. We are like going on a blind date with Food. We won’t know what we will be served~ all dependable on the Chefs. It was really good ok. See those fresh sashimi! Fishes are friends and food! 🙂

They served us this Hokkaido Oyster in Yuzu Sauce and Roe. Fresh and yums~

I must reiterate. FISHES ARE FOOD🙂 HAHA This Fried fish is like so well cooked I don’t know how; but we finished the whole thing even the bones.

I REALLY LOVE THE DESSERTS SO MUCH. I was hoping they offer to serve me a second serving. The sorbet is made of champagne grapes; you know those expensive grapes you put in your mouth, it pops🤤 I cannot tell you how nice it was but it was just VERY VERY NICE. The honey dew melts in our mouth like it felt like it cost $200 a piece😂 The jelly was not too sweet, complementing the sweetness of the other two making the whole dish, PERFECT. Hahaha I did not list down the whole entire menu of food we were served but it was so good, just Go and Try! Like really, GO. Okay, BYE BYE!

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Growing Up With My Baby Girl

It feels like I have known this little girl for a long time but it has only been 7 months. We are so thankful to have this fishball in our lives. Everyday I will tell J


Should I have appointment that day we will race each other to go home first so we can carry her in our arms! She is also very sticky to her Mother me🙂 #overlyattachedmotheranddaughter

She can sit very firmly already! From a tiny little baby to my big big baby, these seven months have been awesome! As she grows, we grow with her too! When she hits every milestone, we clap for her! Charlotte can now babble little words like “da da da”, “mum mum (food)”, “pa pa”, “Ma Ma”. (when she really really needs me🙄) and “EH!”, “AHHHHHH!” ~

We love this little fishball so much! We are hoping Time slows down, cos she smells so nice and she is too cute now~ we can’t wait to celebrate more milestones with her!

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